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“ A great way to safely re-enter the dating landscape. A solid effort to meet me and the potential dating partners/friends. Bri and the other ijl staff members are attentive, thorough and encouraging. They understand the needs and wishes of their clients. I have met two interesting people so far and look forward to continuing this adventure with confidence and fun. ”

— Laura D   (Yelp)
March 2024
“ If you are new to the dating scene, I highly recommend It’s Just Lunch (“IJL”). They offer safe, private, and personalized matchmaking. They go beyond to help you pinpoint what you are looking for in a long-term relationship and how to put yourself out there without limiting your beliefs. If you are a busy professional as I am this company is for you. They take all the work out of it you just show up. What is nice is that the dates are set up in a safe public location worry free especially, for women. Not all matchmaking companies are the same. This company matches successful, fun, and outgoing professionals looking to meet other successful professionals. In today’s busy world companies like IJL will provide quality service, listen to your wants, and give you that little nudge, to put yourself out there at the very least just try ”

— Chris R   (bbb.org)
January 2024
“ IJL has been great! I love working with Bri and Vanessa. They are so kind and positive and the whole experience has been incredible! Would recommend this service to anyone! ”

— Samantha D   (google.com)
January 2024
“ I had a wonderful experience with IJL. It is expensive but the people are hard-working and very pleasant so it makes it worth it. Especially if you are an older single out in the burbs! I do not hesitate to recommend and am proud to say I was their client. ”

— Caroline D   (google.com)
November 2023
“ I have enjoyed the process of working with IJL so far as it's still early! Vanessa and Rebecca are genuinely wonderful ladies to have working toward my relationship goals. They are very kind, friendly, and intuitive. I really appreciate the concierge style service when it comes to arranging dates, as this adds to the element and fun of surprise! I look forward to each conversation with the team! ”

— Natalie P   (bbb.org)
August 2023
“ I’ve been with IJL Chicago for about two months. Their services has always been professional, kind, and encouraging. I’ve had plenty of high quality matches and been having a great time. One of the best features is how they take care of all the logistics, you just get to show up and have fun. If you are thinking about making the investment, I would highly suggest it. ”

— Brandon K   (google.com)
August 2023
“ I am very impressed with the quality of the people I have met over the past few weeks. My only complaint is that I don't have time to go on all the dates my match maker wants to arrange....a wonderful problem to have. Very glad that I joined! ”

— Jim N   (google.com)
June 2023
“ I've only recently joined IJL, but I've had a good experience so far. They really try to get to know you and what you are looking for during the intake process, and they iterate based on the feedback you give them after every date. It's a great service for busy professionals or anyone who is tired of online dating. You get to meet high quality people that have compatible interests and personality traits. Rebecca has been very helpful thus far and has made the whole process super simple and enjoyable. ”

— Drew S   (bbb.org)
June 2023
“ I was initially hesitant to contact IJL, I'm glad I decided to reach out anyway though. IJL certainly isn't perfect - after all, they aren't mind readers; but they do listen to the feedback you give them and try to find a good match rather than just fulfilling their contractual obligation to match you with X number of people (like many other similar services end up doing). Rebecca has been great and has found some good people for me to meet. As long as you keep an open mind and aren't too picky (which is pretty much how dating works these days anyway), IJL will be a good experience. Overall, for the price, I'm getting pretty much exactly what I would expect, and I've been happy with that. ”

— Brian S.   (bbb.org)
February 2023
“ Done with the monotony and cringe of dating apps? Finding it lackluster drudging through bars and clubs? Or do you just want a stress-free, simple, intuitive option to dating? Try, It's Just Lunch. I've been using ITJ for a few months now and can't recommend them enough! Great dates, an easy and relaxed structure, and an engaging staff; I feel well taken care of. With curated dates and matches, I am enjoying the dating game again. ”

— Andy F   (google.com)
January 2023
“ It's Just Lunch is the best way to find that special person. Because they take the time to actually get to know you, the stress of randomly dating is removed. If you're serious about dating, I highly recommend It's Just Lunch. ”

— RC   (google.com)
July 2022
“ Rebecca has been working we with me and communicating greatly. She listens to my feedback and apply it as necessary with future dates. I appreciate her hard work. ”

— Jamie T   (google.com)
June 2022
“ It's Just Lunch is the best way to find that special person. Because they take the time to actually get to know you, the stress of randomly dating is removed. If you're serious about dating, I highly recommend It's Just Lunch. ”

— Robin C   (bbb.org)
June 2022
“ Its Just-Lunch (IJL) has been a phenomenal dating experience for me. I have met not only highly attractive but very educated, engaging, and culturally sophisticated women. Ive enjoyed so many positive experiences and in the process have learned more about myself. My point person at IJL, ******* has been very sensitive to my particular needs and my availability particularly since I travel a lot. ****** is always available to connect and always gets back to me in a timely manner whether by phone call, text, or email. Thank you, ****** ”

— George D   (bbb.org)
June 2022
“ I would highly recommend IJL to help you find your mate. My “wing Women” Naomi was all I could ask for in matchmaking world. Very professional and always making me feel important. IJL makes dating easy and fun - they make all of the arrangements and choices for you - what not to love about that! Currently after 4 months of being with IJL I am excited to put my membership on hold - Yes I have found my MATCH! Thank you IJL! Thank you Naomi! ”

— Agnes S   (google.com)
June 2022
“ They do a great job setting up dates at good restaurants! The staff is helpful and listens to my feedback. ”

— Craig M   (google.com)
June 2022
“ Such a fantastic team who took the time to know me and understand what might make a good fit! I think they really nailed it on just the 2nd try ... we'll see. :-) ”

— Dan S   (bbb.org)
May 2022
“ The matchmakers of the Chicago IJL team continue to out perform expectations with superb attention to the smallest details! My experiences so far with ideal matches have been spot on. ”

— Scott J   (google.com)
May 2022
“ A+ for effort with the Chicago team—a dedicated team of professionals that believe in their craft. Kudos to Naomi, Amy, and team! ”

— Alexander M   (google.com)
April 2022
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