The magic of the holidays can bring up all sorts of different emotions for singles, which may creep into your dating life too. While holidays tend to be the spark for cuffing season, this year, we have seen some different patterns in dating. As you get ready to deck the halls, also gear up to wrap your arms around two new seasonal dating trends - snow globing and winter coating.

Let’s break these down.

Snow Globing - When a single person engages in loving acts and appears to want to become more serious with their match over the holiday season, but once the spirit of the season begins to end, so does the outpouring of affection. They begin to disengage, retreat or change their behavior as they start a new year.

Winter Coating - As the name suggests, winter coating has more longevity to it and has more to do with dating throughout the colder months. The temperatures are dropping, nights are getting longer, and people want someone to snuggle up next to a fire with. This is when singles find a “seasonal partner” for the winter months. As soon as flowers start to bloom outside, these singles toss off the "winter coat" in search of sunnier fun.

Why do singles do this? It’s not being done maliciously or intentionally. They’re just getting swept up in the warm and fuzzy feelings the holidays sprinkle upon us.

Humans crave connection, and holidays are known for moments of love, and celebration. There is an increase in romantic holiday movies and entertainment, which support the message that the holidays are grounded in love.

Before you jump to conclusions, this doesn’t have to be a negative thing; wanting to connect with another person is amazing! What’s important is to reflect on how this feeling impacts you as an individual and in the bond.

Here are some tell-tale signs to know whether someone’s Snow Globing or Winter Coating you this holiday season:

  • Heightened desire for connection specifically during the holiday/colder months
  • Assertive behavior about meeting someone’s family during the holiday season
  • Pushiness to attend events like Christmas parties, but not inviting you to more intimate gatherings like hanging with friends
  • Decreased attention after the holidays are over (slow response time, not initiating dates, disengaged)

It’s key to listen to yourself and acknowledge the signs of what is happening in your relationship. Be mindful of your date’s actions and check in with yourself to see if they are aligned with how you are feeling too. As our It’s Just Lunch Matchmakers always say, communication is the key to any relationship. So have a conversation and assess where you both stand!

What to do if you think someone’s Snow Globing or Winter Coating you?
If you’re skeptical, don’t be apprehensive to open a conversation. The secret to a great relationship at any time of year is to never be afraid to speak your mind. In dating, it is important to never assume and to have clarity regarding where you stand.

On the flip side, what to do if you’re the Snow Glober or Winter Coater?
Sometimes we do things with the best of intentions, only to realize we’ve made a mistake. A great way to realize if you’re the culprit is to pay attention to how your affection and desires may increase or decrease for the person you’re dating throughout and after the winter months. It will likely feel draining to maintain something that’s not real, so if the dynamic starts to feel forceful, and you’re becoming more and more disinterested over time, it might be a sign that you’re either on the verge or already snowballing out of the relationship.

Can Snow Globing or Winter Coating turn into a legit connection?
Every holiday rom-com turns into a happy ending, right? Can a Snow Globing or Winter Coat connection go the distance? When the sun starts getting warmer, even though a person’s feelings may not be as strong as they were, it doesn’t mean their feelings completely fade away. There still may be interest in exploring the connection and seeing where it goes.

Perhaps what’s most important, whether you’re the Snow Glober or the Snow Globee, is to reframe your feelings about your relationship status. Reevaluate your thoughts by focusing on what you do have and maintaining a sense of gratitude for the connections in your life.

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